AM Bubbles - Luxury Car Shampoo - 500ml


AM Bubbles is a gentle, yet effective shampoo which eliminates ingrained dirt. Its highly concentrated formula is designed to give your paintwork a deep clean and leave it streak free. Being PH neutral this amazing mango scented shampoo is wax safe and also works well when using a HD foam lance. ...


AM Seal - Synthetic Paint Sealant


AM Seal is a synthetic sealant designed to give your paintwork a long lasting glossy look. It provides protection against the elements and UV light in one easy application.  AM Seal is an ideal base coat which has tough qualities enabling it to have a long lasting effect on your vehicles paintw...


AM Wheel Wax - High Temperature Wax


AM Wheel Wax is a temperature resistance wax which will add gloss and shine to your rims. It’s protective coat makes your future cleans easier. Our wheel wax is also ideal for sealing exhausts and other heat sensitive areas such as the engine bay. 100ml Tin   Directions: Apply spa...


AM Glaze - All In One Paint Glaze


AM Glaze is a unique formula which cleans and protects in one easy application. Its cleansing properties linked with its filling agent makes AM Glaze a multi use product which does not mark your plastics. It is great for use on paintwork, alloy wheels, metals and chromes, with a fruity cherry scent!...


Paint Protection Kit


The AMDetails Paint Protection kit is the ideal kit for all colours of vehicles.   AM Glaze and AM Seal will rejuvenate and protect your paint work in a simple easy on easy off fashion with no marking of plastics and no chalky residue. We have also included all the Applicators and Microfibe...


Luxury Sample Pack

The AMDetails Sample Box contains the core AMDetails range in sample size.  Also Includes a 10% Discount code for our online store. The kit includes.  AM Wheels 50ml AM Bubbles 50ml AM Glass 50ml AM Glaze 50ml AM Seal 50ml AM Wax 10ml AM Wheel Wax 10ml 2 x...


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